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The heart of Nutripaeds is to be a friendly resource of nutritional information and support for families with babies and children. A place to share your stories, ask your questions, request assistance and find out about what is new and happening in the field of paediatric and child nutrition.

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To eat, not to eat, what to eat? The daily decisions of an FPIES parent – by Dan

We never actually thought I’d get around to writing this blog post. As you are all well aware, Mitch does not eat real food, he is on a special medicated formula. We are however so excited that our delightful food journey has slowly begun. You see dear Nutripaeds visitors it all started while we were… Read more »

Filial Therapy – by Bronwyn

I love to observe children in different environments, from school environments to parties and play dates, but I often find myself observing and noticing different child-parent interactions. Through play therapy, and working in collaboration with parents, I have often found that parents should actually be conducting play therapy sessions and not me! As strange as… Read more »

Keeping Lungs Healthy This Winter – by Dr Fiona Kritzinger

Dr Fiona Kritzinger Paediatric Pulmonologist, Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital, Cape Town Winter can be magical with the falling of leaves, inviting fires and hearty meals, but with it comes the huge challenge of protecting your child against colds and flu. In children colds and flu, caused by viruses, are mostly to blame for chest infections,… Read more »

Why is there quinoa in my baby’s food? – by Fiona

It would seem like a new fad where baby food products try to gain a competitive edge by advertising a new added ingredient or fresh twist to their products. In view of this, I decided to review the BumblesTM range of baby food products, focusing specifically on the Blueberry, apple and pear puree with Quinoa… Read more »

Kicking The Bottle -by Jenna

Most healthcare professionals will encourage weaning off of a bottle at around twelve months of age for a host of different reasons. For starters, prolonged milk drinking and constantly walking around with a bottle between the teeth can lead to early tooth decay. Bottle drinkers tend to drink more milk than cup / breast fed… Read more »

Iron Deficiency Anaemia During Pregnancy – by Natasha

It is well documented that there are a number of vital vitamins and minerals required by both mom and baby to ensure a happy and healthy pregnancy.  One of these many important nutrients is iron.  Daily iron requirements increase significantly during pregnancy, placing pregnant women at a risk of a deficiency if insufficient iron is… Read more »