About Nutripaeds

The heart of Nutripaeds is to be a friendly resource of nutritional information and support for families with babies and children. A place to share your stories, ask your questions, request assistance and find out about what is new and happening in the field of paediatric and child nutrition.



Our Weaning Workshops at Moms & Babes

Weaning Workshops at Moms & Babes  Join Natasha MacDonald, Clinical Dietician, for an interactive and informative morning where we discuss the fundamentals of introducing solids to your baby. Based on the latest research and practical guidelines, this workshop is designed for parents with babies ideally about to start the weaning journey and between the ages… Read more »

Donor Breastmilk – A Preemie’s Life-line

Breastfeeding is how a mother is designed to feed her baby and while we know there is so much more to breastfeeding than simply nutrition, breast milk is not commonly thought of as a treatment in the way a medication is. However, its effect for premature babies is so potent that it would be hailed… Read more »

All you need to know about UMATIE – Good Food for Little Eaters!

Mealtimes can be a cause of huge stress for many mommies and poppies: wondering when to start introducing solids, worrying about which foods to give to little ones, and knowing how to deal with fussy eaters are just some of the concerns that many new parents face. But that’s where Umatie comes in… good food… Read more »

Balancing Easter Treats – By Amanda Rusch Ferreira

Let’s be honest. We’re not getting away from the chocolate eggs this Easter, as much as we would love to hide hard boiled eggs and baby carrots in the bushes instead of 3kg of chocolate. And there’s really nothing wrong with that – when it comes to the 80:20 rule (eating healthy 80% of the… Read more »