All you need to know about UMATIE – Good Food for Little Eaters!

Mealtimes can be a cause of huge stress for many mommies and poppies: wondering when to start introducing solids, worrying about which foods to give to little ones, and knowing how to deal with fussy eaters are just some of the concerns that many new parents face. But that’s where Umatie comes in… good food for little eaters that helps to make life a whole lot easier for busy mommies and poppies.

Who are the brains behind Umatie?

Umatie was born in 2012 when new mom, Anna, was left feeling inspired to share her love for all things food with the world. “After my little girl, Lisi, was born, I took two years off from my work as a graphic designer to focus on spending time with my baba and to figure out what I wanted to do career-wise,” says Anna. “I cooked all Lisi’s meals from scratch when she started weaning, and I loved coming up with tasty new recipes and combinations. My sister, Judi, and I had spoken about starting our own business before, so it made sense to combine our skill sets: graphic design and marketing (me), accountancy (Judi), a love for babies and our families, and a passion for cooking, of course! Five years later and look at how much our ‘baby’ has grown!”







What exactly is Umatie?

Umatie is a range of yummy baby and kiddie meals that have been lovingly developed and handmade by the Umatie team, with the stamp of approval from a dietician to make sure that growing little bodies get all the nutrients they need, in the form of healthy meals that also taste super-scrummy! 

Umatie cooks yummy and nutritious baby and kiddie meals for your little one to enjoy. Our baby range is suitable for babies from when they first start weaning and our kiddie range for kiddies from 18 months up to the age of 5 years. We make weaning effortless in order to help busy parents spend more time with their family.

You can order our balanced weekly meal planners for ease of use (with a menu to stick on your fridge) or order from our individual baby and kiddie meals to suit your little one’s needs. We take great care in cooking our Umatie meals and we’re proud to say that our meals are not mass-produced.

We cook our meals in small batches and freeze them to lock in all the goodness, with a guaranteed freshness for up to 8 weeks.

We absolutely do not add any sugar or salt to our baby meals and certainly don’t add any preservatives or additives. We do add a teeny bit of pink salt and brown sugar to some of our kiddie meals to offer a well-rounded, scrumptious meal. Here at Umatie, we don’t add any additives or flavours to our meals to extend shelf life; instead, we freeze our foodies to naturally preserve the meals for up to 8 weeks. We take enormous pride in sourcing only the very best, high-quality ingredients. As there is a limited variety of fresh, organic produce available, not all our meals are 100% organic, but we do use only organic and free range meats.

We have searched high and low for packaging that’s earth-friendly and safe to use for babies. Our food containers are 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.

Our natural packaging – sleeve, bowl and lid – are freezer friendly and microwave safe, making our packaging completely eco- and baby-friendly.

And if you’re wondering what Umatie stands for? When Judi was a baby she loved tomatoes but couldn’t pronounce “tamatie” (Afrikaans for “tomato”) properly and instead asked her mommy to please give her “Umatie”










The Umatie Stages

Umatie offer a great range of stages for your little one to progress through.

Stage 1 – from 6 months
Meals consist of super smooth fruit and vegetable purées in honest and delicious combinations. Stage 1 meals come in 100g pots 

Stage 2 – from 7 months
Meals consist of super smooth fruit and vegetable combinations for lunch, with the introduction of slight texture to protein dinners. Stage 2 lunches consist of our 100g pots and our dinners consist of 150g. The dinners have a thicker consistency and slight texture.

Stage 3 – from 10 months
Meals consist of super smooth fruit and vegetable combinations for lunch with more textured and chunkier protein dinners. Both the Stage 3 lunch and dinner portion sizes are 180g.

Stage 3 Maxi – from 12 months
Meals are similar to the Stage 3 meals, but in a bigger portion (250g) and with even more texture for those babies who enjoy a chunkier meal. The meals are only slightly blended to help your baby in the final stages before joining the rest of the family for meals.

Stage 4 – for all kiddies
And yay… finally your little one gets the stamp of approval and can munch on just about anything! Our hearty and flavoursome kiddie meals come in 250g portions and are great to have in the freezer for when it’s a hot curry or braai night for the parents.







How to order Umatie?

It couldn’t be easier – simply head on over to Umatie’s website ( to place your order. They deliver your Umatie foodies directly to your door on a weekly basis and they also have agents in various areas across the Western Cape to help make life a little more convenient for busy mommies and poppies! There foodies are stocked at selected Spars and other retail stores across the Western Cape? For more info, head on over to the website,

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