DanDan is proud father to Mitchell who was born in April 2014, who in turn is a client of Kath’s because every baby needs a Kath, right? When Dan is not dodging projectile vomits or changing nappies he can be found hard at work as a Marketing Manager, behind the lens of his camera, writing about his fatherhood experiences or trying to control a 2 year old Dalmatian called Doris who suffers from severe ADHD. As well as blogging for Nutripaeds, Dan has his own blog ‘Daunted Dad’ where he posts frequently on the joys of fatherhood.



Jaytn is a ten year old, home-schooled & fun loving kid from Cape Town. Jay loves surfing, playing guitar, singing, acting and soccer. He lives at home with his Dad, brother, sister and two dogs. Jaytn is passionate about teaching other kids how important exercise and good nutrition is in their everyday life.