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What Toddlers Eat Around world – by Kath Megaw

See what parents are serving up in high chairs across the globe. Japan The Japanese enjoy the world’s longest average life spans, and a big reason for that may be the food they eat starting from a very young age. Rice is the centerpiece of a common toddler meal. All other foods — fish, meat,… Read more »

Back to School Nutrition – by Kath Megaw

Time to fall back into a daily routine — school is here (or almost here, depending on where you live)! Mornings may become a tad hectic this season with alarms going off, getting breakfast on the table (or on-the-go), packing lunches, finishing up homework, and never-ending car trips. Some days you may think, “How can… Read more »

For the Tweens and Teens – by Katherine Megaw on Holiday Eating

Movie and Mall time There’s something about a trip to the mall and movies that just seems to send caution to the wind when it comes to snacking. The usual suspects, such as popcorn, ice-cream and hot dogs, are high in sugar, refined carbohydrate and even trans fats which can make movie night a bit… Read more »

Celebrating Neonatologists – Prematurity Awareness Month

  In celebration of our Neonatologists As we conclude the last week of prematurity month we felt it appropriate to celebrate the leaders of the NICU team. The specialized doctors who ultimately carry the huge burden of responsibility for these little lives and are at the forefront of some of the most difficult decision making… Read more »