Nutripaeds Advisory Board

Kath Megaw
Clinical Dietitian for Kath Megaw & Associates
Founder of Nutripaeds


Kath Megaw holds four medical qualifications including a paediatric dietetic qualification from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University in Balitmore, USA. What qualifies Kath more than all her years of study is her 3 children who constantly challenge her theoretical paradigms and help her put her theory into practice. Kath is passionate about helping families navigate through a wealth of nutritional information that is available to them and assisting her little patients with their nutritional needs whilst offering support to moms and dads. Kath has been published in the Epilepsia journal on the use of the paediatric ketogenic diet in third-world settings and frequently speaks to groups of both professionals and parents on infant and childhood nutrition. Kath is the author of Real Food, Healthy, Happy Children (Quivertree Publications), the co-author of Feeding Sense (Metz press), The Low Carb Solution for Diabetics (Quivertree Publications) as well as co-author of Weaning Sense and Allergy Sense (Quivertree Publications). 

All the dietitians that work under Kath Megaw & Associates either have international experience in paediatric nutrition or they have interned under Kath Megaw. This has created a very specialized Clinical Dietetic Practice with an exclusive focus and special interest in paediatric nutrition.

Amanda Rusch Ferreira
Clinical Dietitian for Kath Megaw & Associates
Member of Advisory Board for Nutripaeds


Amanda has been part of Kath Megaw & Associates since 2013. After graduating as a Clinical Dietitian and with a BSc in Genetics from the University of Pretoria, she worked in community service in a small town hospital in Mpumalanga, where she realised how much she loved working with children, babies, and pregnant moms.

Amanda’s area of expertise lies in ketogenic therapies for epilepsy and other neurological disorders, and has travelled through Africa training medical teams on implementation of these diets. She also has a special place in her heart for premies, cardiac babies and children, neurological disorders such as the autism spectrum, and feeding disorders and tactile defensiveness.

Amanda is a proponent of Health at Every Size (HAES) and is passionate about supporting children and teenagers to achieve health, well-being and a positive body image, rather than weight control. She believes that intuitive and mindful eating are the keys to long term health, rather than diets and meal plans.

Amanda holds talks and workshops throughout Cape Town, and has presented at conferences and seminars on paediatric nutrition and the ketogenic diet. She writes articles for childcare magazines and websites, and has worked with Kath Megaw on the scientific research of her low carb book range.

Amanda loves yoga, running, and hiking with her hubby, as well as making a mess of craft projects in her spare time.

Natasha MacDonald
Clinical Dietitian for Kath Megaw & Associates 
Member of Advisory Board and Social Media and Marketing Manager for Nutripaeds


Natasha graduated with a Bachelor of Science and Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics in 2004 and has worked in the field of paediatric dietetics for the past 15 years. Natasha gained extensive experience and training in paediatric and neonatal nutrition during her two years abroad where she worked at a number of hospitals in and around London. Natasha has worked in both the public sector (Principal Dietitian for Paediatric’s at Grey’s Hospital) and private sector where run her own paediatric practice in KZN.

Natasha’s areas of specialty includes neonatal nutrition and infant and toddler feeding.  Natasha has a special passion for helping moms navigate through introducing solids, providing scientifically-based and practical guidelines and promoting a happy weaning and culinary journey for both mom and baby.  Natasha is involved in a number of workshops in Cape Town on weaning and messy eating. Natasha recently competed a Social Media and Marketing course and is currently the Social Media and Marketing Manager for Nutripaeds. Natasha lives in Somerset West with her husband and two boys, Miller & Spencer.