Meet Jay

Hello my name is Jaytn Megaw. I’m a type of person that likes games, ball sports, and the arts of music. When I am older I want to become the triple threat which means I can sing, act, and dance. I really want to become very good at my passion.


Right now I am 10 years old and I will be 11 on November the 10th. I live in Cape Town, the weather is very nice. I have one brother and one sister. I love them very much. Oh don’t let me forget my dog   Toby! He is so so cute and he has a brother named Balto.

I also love to surf at the beach, big bay beach. I love the sand and the rocks. Sometimes we go and fish in the rock pools and I am very good at it.

In my week I do hip hop, singing, guitar, and I play soccer. Next year I want to do gymnastics which will support my hip hop. I’m starting modelling and hopefully I will do well in it.

My Omi home schools me which I love but I really think I want more friends. So next year I will be attending Generations School with my sister. Generations is a brilliant school in which they use the Montessori Method and eventually goes to Cambridge. From now on you are going to be walking with me though all of stuff that I do in my week and how good food and exercise helps with your dally life.

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Tammy Van Zyl

Hi Jay!

What a great blog, I am so proud of you, well done!

I am looking forward to reading many more blogs from you!

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