Oh My Goodness – All of the Goodness, None of the Junk

Oh My Goodness – All of the Goodness, None of the Junk

Upon visiting my local Checkers on the weekend, I came across some NEW snacks for kiddies which caught my eye.  I have heard some buzz about the Oh My Goodness range by Gordan and Matilda Ramsay and was intrigued when I saw the new range of snacks.  As a parent, I know we are always on the lookout for on-the-go snacks, quick items to fill those lunchboxes or snacks for play groups or after school activities.  There is a wide range of snacks available but the challenge remains, choosing the most nutritious option. Although we always advocate feeding your children real food and staying away from processed or convenience foods as much as possible, the reality is that daily life is busy and often we need those quick snacks hidden in the pantry.  With my toddler in tow, there was no better time to stock up on some of the Oh My Goodness kids snacks and try them out on my 2 year old, who I may add is a mildly fussy eater and often says “no yuck” when certain foods are offered to him.  I am still trying to work out where he learnt the word “yuck!”

The Oh My Goodness products include a range of kids meals and snacks developed by world renowned chef Gordan Ramsay and his daughter Matilda Ramsay.  The meals and snacks include the NO JUNK PROMISE and are exclusively available at Checkers stores nationwide.  The NO JUNK PROMISE states that meals and snacks include “all of the goodness and none of the junk” with focus being placed on less or no sugar, added vitamins, no artificial colours or flavours and no added preservatives.

The first product we tried out (in the trolley whilst still at Checkers as my toddler was getting restless) was the Apple and Cashew bar. These fruit bars are 20g in size so perfect for a snack.  The fruit bars are available in 2 flavours, Apple and Cashew and Cocoa and Coconut.  The Apple and Cashew bar ingredients include dates, raisins, apple, pear, mango, sunflower seeds, cashew nuts, coconut, vanilla extract and Himalayan salt. The overall taste is great and quite sweet in flavour.  These are therefore a nice option to curb a child’s sweet cravings and replace a sweet treat (a good option for trick or treats for Halloween perhaps). The flavour of the sunflower seeds comes through and there is a nice balance between the sweetness of the fruit and the nuts.  The texture is soft, moist and easy to eat.  They do contain small nut pieces giving them some texture (and therefore not suitable for nut allergies).  They may also contain the odd date pip or shell as warned on the label so supervision is recommended for smaller kiddies. The No Junk Promise for the fruit bars include: 

  • Gluten Free
  • No added sugar
  • Source of fibre
  • Sweetened with real fruit
  • Raw
  • Preservative free
  • No artificial colours of flavours


Overall, the bar was delicious and a good option for a treat to keep in moms handbag for when your toddler gets restless or need a snack on the go. 

The next in line to try out are the Oat Crunchies and Butter Cookies so stay tuned!

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