Our NEW Happy Little Eaters Classes

We are SO excited to share with you that our Happy Little Eaters Classes have started in Cape Town!

Happy Little Eaters, from Fussy to Foodie, brought to you by Nutripaeds, is all about creating a happy relationship between children and their food, helping them grow from being fussy eaters to foodies.

Through basic cooking recipes and sensory play with different types of food, we encourage kids to try, taste and learn about healthy food choices in a fun environment.

Our classes are:

• Clinically and nutritionally based, brought to you by Nutripaeds.
• This company boasts a professional board of advisors headed by Kath Megaw RD, one of the country’s few dietitians with academic qualifications and experience in Paediatric Dietetics.
• Offered to two age groups; 18 months to 3 years old and 3 to 5 years old.
• A programme of five, 1 hour long classes, one class every second week.
• The classes will be focused on having fun and learning will happen through song, play and tactile experiences.
• Our philosophy is that a safe and relaxed environment encourages experimentation.
• This will eventually lead to an appreciation of good food and healthy eating habits.

For more information, contact Xan on 083 410 4111 or email xanhappylittleeaters@gmail.com.

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