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My Breastfeeding Journey : by Nutripaeds dietitian Natasha

Looking back on the past 11 months, I feel very blessed that I was able to breastfeed my baby boy.  It has been a beautiful journey, but it wasn’t without pain, sweat and tears!  My little man arrived via caesarean section and due to complications during the birth, he was in the neonatal icu for… Read more »

Bless A Bestie – by Deidre

Before I had children I had little exposure to the concept of taking a meal to a friend, besides the occasional drop off on house moving days or post surgery meal deliveries.  When I gave birth to Bella, the 3 weeks of meals we received were such a blessing and opened my eyes to the… Read more »

When Breastfeeding Ends – by Jenna

Breastfeeding is recommended for as long as possible during your child’s first two years of life. No matter how long one has been breastfeeding, you are eventually going to want to stop. Remember that it is okay to grieve a little when this time comes. Many moms, regardless of  how long their breastfeeding journey has… Read more »

Night Weaning – by Jenna

Night weaning is a touchy subject for some, for others it is a life changing process. Some mothers are happy to wake up multiple times for a feed and even enjoy this time spent with their babies. If this is you, then there is really no reason to stop. For others the lack of sleep… Read more »