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Using Food As A Bargaining Tool : by Deidre

As the mom of an almost 3 year old little Bella, I TOTALLY understand the temptation to “bribe” or “punish” a child by giving or with-holding treats and pudding. There is NOTHING more frustrating than an hour in the kitchen being met with a stubborn refusal to eat. And to offer just 1 choc-chip biscuit… Read more »

Bless A Bestie – by Deidre

Before I had children I had little exposure to the concept of taking a meal to a friend, besides the occasional drop off on house moving days or post surgery meal deliveries.  When I gave birth to Bella, the 3 weeks of meals we received were such a blessing and opened my eyes to the… Read more »

Healthy Eating On A Budget – by Deidre

We know what it’s like to have ‘budget’ at the top of your priorities list. Affordability trumps nutrition every time. Fast foods seems cheaper, and it’s hard to keep your home cooking healthy without dipping deeply into your pockets. Healthy eating and keeping active CAN be easy on the wallet. All you need to remember… Read more »