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Weaning Around The World : Indonesia

This week we get some insight into weaning in INDONESIA, for this particular area I would like to include a summary of a study done recently. The actual practices relating to child feeding and child care noted at the time of the study: First month of life – Prelacteal feeding with sugar water, honey or… Read more »

Weaning challenges in India #weaningaroundtheworld

As we continue our journey around the world we arrive in India. India is such a mixed country of culture, classes, casts and a mixture of extreme poverty and extreme wealth. Infant feeding and weaning practices in India continue to demonstrate that a significant number of infants do not receive colostrum even though breastfeeding is… Read more »

Ancient Weaning Practices #weaningaroundtheworld

As a fun interlude we thought it would be great to look back at some ancient weaning practices. A study done on the remains of infants buried in the Romano- Christian cemetery in Egypt showed that due to the nitrogen content in their bones at the time of their death – they had a content… Read more »

Weaning Around The World : China & the far east

Chinese babies are weaned on congee, a watery rice porridge. Congee is a great base to mix with other foods, such as puréed pulses and vegetables. Chinese mums often include ginger and garlic. Some use soy sauce, although we wouldn’t recommend it because it’s salty. Malaysian mums mix the congee with millet and quinoa as… Read more »