The Midnight Medic – by Jenna

Tailei has thankfully been very healthy since the birth of Keatynn…BUT…We had the misfortune of being up with a vomiting toddler this past Saturday night 🙁 and it seemed to go on and on and on until she finally started to perk up late Monday afternoon. 

Tummy bugs are inevitable but I definitely wasn’t prepared for this one! There I was rummaging around the house for old towels, buckets and medicines (of which I had none). It was really quite ridiculous! These things always show their nasty head in the middle of the night when you are half asleep and have no access to medication. …So this is how and why our ‘Midnight Medic’ emerged.

Midnight Medic

As soon as Tailei was back to her normal self and I had regained some sort of control over running our home, I made a list (lists are awesome!) and I paid a visit to our local pharmacy to stock up!


This little box is not meant to replace the medicine cabinet – it is just a few items that would be most helpful to have close by without having to scramble through all the contents of our medicine cabinet. Inside I have included:

– Fever Meds (calpol, nurofen, empaped paediatric suppositories)

– Tummy Meds (Paediatric buscopan syrup, Paediatric valoid syrup & Paediatric valoid suppositories)

– Saline drops (because vomiting through your nose is awfully uncomfortable)

– Syringes, ky gel (for easy suppository insertion) a face cloth  and hand sanitizing spray

I have placed our ‘Midnigh Medic’ in our linen cupboard (in close proximity to all bedrooms) on top of some old towels along with a small bucket and the thermometer. All in plain view and easily accessible. And while I’ve spent the time and money getting this ready… I certainly hope that we don’t have to use any of it any time soon!

Have a happy, healthy week! And until next time… be blessed!


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