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Welcome to our new website. When Nutripaeds was launched over 9 years ago, little did we realize the extent the journey would take us. The heart of Nutripaeds then and now was and is to create an environment both in the consult room and beyond where people could come to get assistance and up to date, sound and scientific nutritional advice when it comes to feeding their children. Children with special needs are one of our absolute passions and it has been wonderful to see this arm of Nutripaeds grow extensively over the years.


With growth comes change and change is not always comfortable but it is inevitable and necessary to make a difference in this world.

As the founder of Nutripaeds I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on what I have learnt over the last 19 years that I have been in the work place and especially the last 9 years in Nutripaeds.

Life is difficult to do alone…

Experiences, accomplishments and success don’t mean much of anything if you’re alone at home with no one to celebrate. They are also much less likely to happen. What makes going to a restaurant, holiday or new place so much fun? For the most part it’s the people – either the ones you know or the ones you meet. Be intentional about nurturing these relationships. Stay genuine. We could all use the extra passion.

If you don’t currently have a resource bank full of passionate inspiring people, then create it. It starts with the people you spend most your time with, then move outwards.

Without this support you’ll likely never do the ground-breaking things you’re here to do. It’s the biggest reason people don’t leap. People around them think they’re crazy and before you know it, you think you’re crazy too. All of a sudden you’re back to doing what everyone else is doing.

Brainwash the impossible

Those who think something’s impossible generally don’t spend enough time around crazy people who know it can be done.

We should all be insane enough to think things can be different. That things can be better. Put all those crazy people together and suddenly everyone’s doing impossible things.

Create a network people dream of…

Welcome the challenge.

You can have it. You just have to cultivate it. Surround yourself with people who light you on fire. You will fuel one another and the world will be better.

Passionate People change your reality

The world is run off personal relationships. They fuel our passion and make the unthinkable possible. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in or what problem you’re trying to solve. It can only happen by surrounding yourself with the right people who believe insane things can be done. Without that support, we’re nowhere.

Whether they know it or not, my team, patients and colleagues all hold me to a higher standard.

I plan to live up to it.

Ultimately it’s all about the children and I leave you with this thought as we as a team take you into the next Nutripaeds era.

What parenting rule should you break and why:

‘Never rock them to sleep.”

Soon you will sleep. Soon your children will brush their own teeth and comb their own hair and roll their eyes when you try to give them a good night kiss. But right now? Right now they still think you are awesome. Right now, they giggle when you read with funny voices and think you are the smartest person in the world. While you are exhausted and dirty and (WHAT is that smell? Is that ME?) stretched so thin… they want more. They want five more minutes, one more song, another story. And before you know it, they’ll hang a sign on the door that reads, “No Grown Ups Allowed.” But right now, you are still a member of their club, right now you have a chance to savour their sweet baby smell and listen to their innocence as they talk about anything and everything to delay bedtime for just five more minutes. Gretchen Rubin says, “The days are long but the years are short.” Give them five more minutes, because right now, you still can.”

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