Workshops & Talks

Workshops and Talks

Nutripaeds currently offer the following uniquely designed nutritional workshops hosted by dietitians:

  • Introducing Complimentary Solid Foods (Weaning Workshops)Dispelling the myths and finding a way forward
  •  Fussy Feeders and Picky Eaters The How, The Why, The What
  • Lunchboxes and School Outings and Parties Can healthy snacks and meats taste delicious
  • Feeding your High Performance ChildWhat are sustainable energy foods? 
  • Feeding the Active BrainThe benefits of a good diet for ADHD and Concentration  
  • Hungry Teens – A Bottomless Feeding ExperienceFinding healthy nutritious and functional foods that will benefit your teen
  • Beautiful Bodies and Happy HeartsHelping your teen girl to navigate her way through FAD DIETS and food crazes

Workshops are run over 3 hours and often include handouts, goodie bags and lucky draws.

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As a team, the dietitians are available to talk on nutrition pre, during and post pregnancy,  special needs,  childhood and teenage nutrition. Moms groups, schools and parent meetings have found these events particularly useful and regularly book one or more of our team of professionals.

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