Workshops & Talks


Nutripaeds currently hosts seven uniquely designed workshops that include:

  • Introducing Complimentary Solid Foods (Weaning Workshops)

    Dispelling the myths and finding a way forward

  •  Fussy Feeders and Picky Eaters

     The How, The Why, The What

  • Lunchboxes and School Outings and Parties

     Can healthy snacks and meats taste delicious

  • Feeding your High Performance Child

    What are sustainable energy foods? 

  • Feeding the Active Brain

    The benefits of a good diet for ADHD and Concentration  

  • Hungry Teens – a bottomless feeding experience

    Finding healthy nutritious and functional foods that will benefit your teen

  • Beautiful bodies and Happy Hearts

    Helping your teen girl to navigate her way through FAD DIETS and food crazes


Workshops are run over 3 hours and include handouts, goodie bags and lucky draws

To book please contact us on 086 14 77 77 6 or


As a team we are available to talk at any event and on  infant, childhood and teenage nutrition throughout South Africa. 

to book please call 086 14 77 77 6 or contact us vial email

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