Nutripaeds Newsbites

August 2020

Author: Kath Megaw

Hello from Kath

It is exciting to move into August with a fresh, new website. Nothing like a makeover to get the creative juices flowing. However, no matter what happens on the outside the heart of Nutripaeds and our passion remains the same:

To deliver fresh current and up to date nutritional information to parents out there who desire to use nutrition to upgrade the health of their baby, child and teen. We have always thrived on the speed of ever-evolving nutrition information and love putting new insights into practical application. We want to see results and will continue to rework and restructure the way we practice to achieve this.

I believe each baby, child and family situation is totally unique and this nutrition intervention needs to be tailored to each unique situation. Nutritional coaching vs nutritional handouts.

Access to information is abundant. Awareness of health is abundant. Meal plans, recipes etc. are so easily accessible. How to implement in your individual context – well therein lies the challenge.  And at Nutripaeds I believe we will rise to that challenge.

your child and your family are unique

We see your child as an individual and the dynamics of your family as unique. Then design a nutritional journey that meets your desires and goals. There are no quick fixes but with our experience, passion and desire to see your child thrive, we will work in collaboration with you to achieve your child’s unique nutritional goals.

These could range from successful breastfeeding tips and personalizing your weaning journey, to dealing with severe picky eating.  We would love to help you use food to manage your child’s epilepsy, ADHD or autism. Whether your child struggles with constipation or more severe conditions like Crohns, Coeliac Disease or allergies we want to be part of your solution.

In a world filled with technology, we still believe nothing beats human contact and inviting us to collaborate with you will be both a privilege and honour.

As I quote from our book, Weaning Sense (Quivertree) “Collaboration by definition suggests the action of working with someone or with a group of people to realize something successfully.”

Love Kath x