image of Kath Megaw seated at a table

Kath Megaw

Clinical Paediatric Dietitian
& Founder of Nutripaeds

My background

I am a Clinical Paediatric Dietitian (with a  special interest in special needs and epilepsy).  I have been in private practice for a little over 20 years.  After qualifying as a Dietitian, I studied further internationally and gained specialist experience in Paediatric and special needs Dietetics. However, what qualifies me more than all my years of study are my 3 beautiful and inspirational children.  They constantly challenge my theoretical paradigms and help me put my theory into practice.

what feeds my passion

I am passionate about helping families navigate through a wealth of nutritional information that is available to them.  My private national and international practice, in South Africa and around the world, is not only built on assisting my little patients with their nutritional needs but also offering support to moms and dads. I have the privilege of speaking at various baby and toddler seminars around the country and run workshops on infant and childhood nutrition.

My works

I write frequently for leading magazines and have co- authored the book Feeding Sense (Metz Press) and released my book ‘Real food, healthy, happy children: the low carb solution for the whole family.’ with Quivertree in 2015.

International influence

What’s also exciting is that I co-authored “The Low-carb solution for diabetics” with Vicky de Beer which was published and launched in the UK in September 2016 thus further expanding my practice internationally.

I could not do this alone

All the Dietitians that work under Kath Megaw and Associates either have further international qualifications in Paediatric nutrition or they have interned under me for the past 2 years or more. This has created a very specialized Clinical dietetic practice with an exclusive focus and special interest in Paediatric nutrition.

further successes 

I sit on three international boards including the dietary task force of the ILAE. African and developing world neonatal working group and ESPGHAN special needs interest Group. I co-authored the book weaning sense with Meg Faure and this book remains on the top ten best seller list. It also recently won a prestigious award and was named top family cookbook in the international Gourmand awards.

most recent achievement

More recently I co-authored (ref: Megaw, Karabus & Faure) Allergy Sense which is the first allergy information and cookbook for South African families.