What is ADHD?


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Is a chronic disorder, beginning in childhood and characterized by some combination of hyperactivity, impulsivity and or inattention.

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A licensed health professional

No single test can diagnose a child as having ADHD. Children mature at different rates and have different personalities, temperaments and energy levels. Most children get distracted, act impulsively, and struggle to concentrate at one time or another.  Therefore, a licensed health professional needs to gather information about the child’s behaviour and environment.

The most common type of medication used for treating ADHD is called a stimulant. These stimulants have the opposite effect in a child with ADHD and can reduce hyperactivity and impulsivity and improve their ability to focus. However, a one size fits all approach does not apply for all children with ADHD. The most common side effects of these stimulants include reduced appetite, sleep problems, anxiety and irritability.

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High in omega 3

Diet is the foundation of any form of treatment.  It is even more important with the child with ADHD. Ensuring a child eats a diet that is high in essential fats especially omega 3 and low in refined carbohydrates is a good start.

NO preservatives, sugars, additives & colourants

Eradicating preservatives, sugars, additives and colorants from a child’s diet will not only have a positive effect on his behaviour but also put him on a pathway to health and wellness.

Healthy fats & protein

Eating more healthy fats and protein foods will ensure that his blood sugar is maintained and avoid yo-yo sugar cycles. This will have a direct impact on behaviour and concentration.