Primary Schooler

6 to 12 years

The "tween" years

Around the middle of this age group, your poppet will become a tween. The tween years often catch parents unaware. Many are unprepared for hormonal changes in their children. Appetite often increases in this age group and food is now desired. It becomes necessary to now keep a good supply of healthy good carbohydrates, healthy fat and protein snacks in the house. Tweens will also eat more at mealtimes. 

a school lunchbox

Your tweens days at school tend to be longer too so they will need full lunchboxes.
It takes work carving out the time for a calm, sit down family breakfast. The key is to be prepared and maybe start by planning just once a week. Get school clothes ready and lunchboxes packed the night before. Then wake up 15 minutes earlier and before you know this will become a very special family tradition.

One thing we have all experienced in the year 2020 is how unpredictable life actually is and how much is totally out of our control. Time goes so fast and before you know it your tween will be a teen, then a young adult and opportunities to have breakfast together will be few and far between. Carpe Diem – seize the opportunity.